Tax Form W-9 Printable

Tax Form W-9 2020

Tax Form W-9: All Relevant Info for 2020

Form W-9 Fillable PDF
Form W-9 Fillable PDF
IRS W-9 instructions 2020
IRS W-9 Instructions 2020
Printable 2020 Tax Forms W-9
Printable 2020 Tax Forms W-9
What is a W-9 Form
What is a W-9 Form
Form W-9 Schedules
W-9 Form for Freelancers
Form W-9 Fill Online
Form W-9 Fill Online

Additional Information on IRS form W-9

W-9-MISC Possible Dangers Often the W-9 form becomes a tool of fraud. If somebody you don’t really know wants you to send them a copy — be extra careful. The form contains sensitive data, like Social Security number and address. Having it, scammers can produce damage to your finances, record and even reputation.
Who gets a W-9 Form?
Schedules All W-9 Forms have no official deadline. You can use the date of January 31 as your compass though: this is the day by which all 1099-MISC forms must be submitted to the IRS office. We recommend that you file and send yours as soon as you get a job contract. Simply download form W-9 printable form our website and go for it!
Free W-9 Tax Calculator
Punishment Providing fake info in your W-9 is punishable by a $500 fine. In case if it’s done on a regular basis, imprisonment is quite possible. Also, be extra careful when detailing your TIN: an occasional mistake can cause a $50 fine. Besides, each failure is punished separately.
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Filling out W-9 Form: Instructions

So, your question What is a form W 9? Has been answered. Again, file it personally if only you’re a freelance worker. Full-time employees shouldn’t do this, as they are provided with another IRS form: W-4.

Filling out the W9 Form is actually quite easy. The blank is straightforward, with every field being self-explanatory. So, to succeed with this mission, follow our Form W-9 instructions! Here’s what you need to do with W9 Form 2020:

  • TIN. Provide your Taxpayer’s Individual Number. SSN or EIN can be used.
  • Name. Enter your birth certificate name, like Richard J. Hawk.
  • Brand. Write in your business name. (It can be either a brand or a pseudonym you’re working under).
  • Business type. Select business entity type: LLC, Trust, Corporation S, partnership, etc.
  • Optional. Check exemptions.
  • Address. Detail your city, state, zip code and street address.

Also, at your desire, you can name the requester in the fillable form W9. In other words, mention the person who asked you to provide the document. It serves as an extra safety measure: W-9 contains your Social Security number after all. 

But to do all that, you’ll need to download W-9 Form. Luckily, you don’t need to hunt for it around the entire Internet — W-9 form in PDF is available right here. Totally legit and totally free!

But there are some nuances as well. First, you’ll need to get tax form W9 downloadable if only your annual revenue from freelance work is at least $600. Besides, sometimes free W-9 tax form is requested to record other income-generating sources: selling real estate, receiving profit from bonds, and so forth. Gambling and lottery don’t qualify, though.

Additionally, if you’re an independent contractor and you appropriately file the form W-9 online or by physical mail, you can qualify for more deductions for the work-related expenses. For instance, you may support a home office, pay for advertising, etc.

Here you can get:
Actual W-9 Form for 2020 and previous years
Printable File in PDF and DOC
Requirements and Instructions

W-9 tax form is a document required by the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re asked to fill one that means your employer needs to know your Social Security number and other personal data. This info goes to IRS, so the government knows how much money you make annually.

But independent contractors are also compelled to send the IRS form W-9. So, if you’re a wedding photographer, freelance Farsi translator or SCV product manager — dealing with the form W-9 is unskippable for you. 

So, to put it simply, tax form W 9 purpose is to make freelancers and indie-contractors accountable to the IRS. Full-time employees don’t file the form personally, as it’s done by default when they get hired.

How to print W-9 Tax Form Here are the blank template in PDF and DOC
What is a W 9 Federal Form For the most situations the right answer is the W-9 Form.
Form W-9 Fill Online By clicking the link above you can get to our page with fillable W-9 form with tips and instructions